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Fans, critics hold breath as unique downtown Phoenix art is installed

The completed project. Lights will be added to increase the viewing times for the piece.

"Her Secret is Patience" is up... finally (Photo: Michael Schennum, Arizona Republic)

[Source: Connie Cone Sexton, Arizona Republic] — The third time really was the charm.   Despite a little rain and the weight of two previous attempts to finish the installation, crews on Saturday were able to attach — and leave up — hundreds of pounds of netting to the art piece adorning a downtown Phoenix park.  Whether the charm of Saturday will hold remains to be seen.   But naysayers and backers of the $2.4 million project finally have a chance to reflect on the piece, which hovers above Central Avenue near Van Buren Street.

This week might hold optimum viewing opportunities.   The floating net transforms with changes in the wind and sunlight. The National Weather Service predicts we’ll see gusts up to 30 mph on Tuesday.  Critics of the piece have wondered whether the wind might whip the netting off. Fans have said a little bluster could provide a good show.

The 100-foot-tall, 100-foot-wide sculpture, titled “Her Secret is Patience,” was completed in time for Thursday’s dedication of the 2.77-acre Downtown Civic Space park.  [Note: To read the full article, click here.]