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Viewpoint: “Her Secret is Patience” public art piece by Janet Echelman is complete!


"Her Secret is Patience" (Photo: City of Phoenix)

[Source: Lilia Menconi, Phoenix New Times] — There it is! I am so excited for this one…  I thought that after Kathleen Vanesian wrote about Echelman and I blogged about her a couple times, I might be a little Echelman’ed out.  But I buzzed down to the Downtown Civic Space last night, right around sunset, and was totally blown away. The sculpture is fantastic and (call me optimistic) I really believe that it’s going to become a symbol of our city.

I took the liberty of snapping some photos for a slideshow to give you a sneak peak. Unfortunately, the Downtown Civic Space is still fenced off, so all the vantage points are from the street.  It was a great night to see it — the wind was kicking up to make the netting sway and dance.  Most of the net is ultramarine except for a few purple accents and a bright orange funnel of netting in the center. When the sun broke through the clouds, the colors became electric.  I can’t wait to be able to walk under this thing and look at it from every angle when the Civic Space is open (tomorrow).

The most impressive feat is the way this enormous structure really does seem to float in the air.  There are massive support beams and cables to hold the thing up, of course.  But, as I walked around the block, (between 1st and Central Avenue, north of Van Buren), I was amazed at its visual weightlessness.  I was so focused, I’m surprised I didn’t walk into a pole or a homeless person.  Needless to say, I love it.  And don’t let this slideshow alone satisfy you… make a visit!  Use the light rail, see the art, and appreciate where we live… [Note: To read the full article, click here.]

Other slide shows or photo albums we’ve come across:

New downtown Phoenix park to make big debut

[Source: Maria Konopken, ABC 15] — The blue disk hanging over downtown Phoenix will soon be official as a part of downtown’s grand opening ceremony for the city’s newest park. Downtown Civic Space Park, located in the area of Central and Van Buren, will have its grand opening on Thursday April 16 at 3 p.m., as part of an all day informal event from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The 2.77 acres park will include a public sculpture done by artist Janet Echelman and a renovated A.E. England building that will include retail shopping, food, and banquette and meeting rooms. The park will also have numerous sustainable features including solar panels, extensive shade when trees and plants mature, and previous used concrete that will soak in rain water to help with water conservation.

Downtown Civic Space Park will also host live music on Friday April 17 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. as part of grand opening activities. [Note: To read the full article, click here.]

CVS in, Wells Fargo out at downtown Phoenix CityScape

[Source: Jahna Berry, Arizona Republic] — CVS Pharmacy will open a drugstore in downtown Phoenix’s CityScape complex, company officials will announce today.  It would be the first time since 1976 that a [open to the public] pharmacy stood in the downtown neighborhood south of Interstate 10 [note that Walgreens opened up a pharmacy in downtown Phoenix, but only available to Maricopa County employees].  The planned 13,000-square-foot drugstore could open as early as June 2010 on the northeastern corner of Jefferson Street and First Avenue, said Michael DeNitto, a CVS regional director.

The downtown drugstore would end three decades of frustration.   Many office workers, visitors and residents have had trouble finding a nearby place to buy medicine, greeting cards, or pantyhose.   For most, the nearest drugstore — a Walgreens at Seventh Street and McDowell Road — is more than a mile away…

In other developments at CityScape, Wells Fargo & Co. confirmed that it won’t occupy three floors of a CityScape office tower.   Wachovia committed to the space before Wells Fargo acquired the bank.   Wells Fargo is looking for a firm to sublease it, a bank spokeswoman said. [Note: To read the full article, click here.  To read the Phoenix Business Journal’s article on the Wells Fargo disclosure, click here.]