Applications for PHX:fringe 2009 now available

The Phoenix Fringe Festival (PHX:fringe) presents innovative, experimental and provocative theatre by local, national, and international artists.  PHX:fringe seeks to develop a cutting-edge, urban audience by offering an edgy assortment of performance choices in non-traditional downtown spaces.  The PHX:fringe promotes artistic exploration by supporting the risky, adventurous work of established and emerging artists while also providing accessible, affordable performances to the community.

PHX:fringe is inspired by the groundbreaking work of similar Festivals throughout the world.  Fringe artists regularly challenge traditional theatrical forms and conventions, and often incorporate music, dance, performance art, and digital media into their work.  In May 2008 the Phoenix Fringe Festival Pilot Project introduced itself to Valley audiences with thirteen original pieces featuring at least twenty-five different artists over the course of one extraordinary weekend.  Several participating productions have since been selected to perform around the country most notably at Philly Fringe and the New York International Fringe Festival.

PHX:fringe 2009 is scheduled to launch in the downtown area just as the weather starts to heat up for the Spring.  Spanning dates from March 27 – April 5, the expanded PHX:fringe 2009 plans to include several new venues, multiple performance opportunities, and international artist participation.  For more information and online applications for PHX:fringe 2009, click here.  Or call 602-478-1066 or send an e-mail.

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