Don Bolles’ 1976 midtown Phoenix murder heading to Hollywood

[Source:] — We all come across stories in our lives and think, “You know, that would make a great movie.”  And as anyone who has lived in Arizona for the past 30 years would tell you, the story of Don Bolles would make for a great movie.

He was an investigative journalist for The Arizona Republic and the co-founder of a nationwide group called the Investigative Reporters and Editors who were trying to unmask corruption through their work.  Bolles was killed by a car bomb in 1976 [adjacent to the current Clarendon Hotel in midtown Phoenix] — and we know whose signature is car bombs, right? — and the IRE stepped in and in 1977 launched a collaborated effort in over 20 newspapers called The Arizona Project, which reported on the state’s criminal underworld…

It has an unfortunate end, or maybe it’s a fortunate beginning of a story of the greater good, but the story of Don Bolles is one more people need to hear.  And now…Ben Affleck is going to tell it.  I would’ve been outraged 15 months ago, but Affleck did a really good job directing “Gone Baby Gone.”  I have a hunch that if it were his third or fourth film, “Gone Baby Gone” could have been a classic.  He didn’t miss by much as it was.  So, I’m hopeful that Affleck can bring the right ingredients to “Arizona.”  Variety reports he will direct the film for Miramax, from a Sheldon Turner script based on facts that are in the public domain. Where it gets tricky for me is that Affleck bears a resemblance to Bolles, who was 47 when he was killed. I sure don’t know about him starring in it, which hasn’t come up yet, but file it away…

2 thoughts on “Don Bolles’ 1976 midtown Phoenix murder heading to Hollywood”

  1. A large portion of Phoenicians that grew up with this case believe that there was a massive state cover up for the Mafia (Delaware North Corporation). I followed the case closely and realized after months of research that the Arizona State Attorney General’s office never even looked into any other leads that Don Bolles and other witnesses gave to them. Hopefully Mr. Affleck will do his diligent research and uncover the real truth behind the murder of this fine and accomplished reporter.

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