Regional arts group announces steering committee for Metro Phoenix DNA Roadmap

[Source: Maricopa Partnership for Arts & Culture] — “In no other metro area in the United States will you find such a combination of uncharted ground, open space, meritocracy, and an unpainted canvas than in Metro Phoenix.  Its DNA is based on providing new opportunities in an oasis surrounded by beauty and open space.  People come to and live in Metro Phoenix for one thing: opportunity.”

That is the core finding –- the concept of an Opportunity Oasis –- from the Metro Phoenix DNA Roadmap, the first initiative of its kind for a U.S. city or region.  The effort focuses on building an authentic identity that works across sectors and provides an overarching platform for Metro Phoenix to position it on the global stage for economic success.

The Metro Phoenix DNA Roadmap is being spearheaded by the Maricopa Partnership for Arts and Culture (MPAC) and conducted by the international strategy firm arthesia.  To lead and guide the effort, MPAC has assembled a steering committee comprised of local leaders who will be responsible for the long-term implementation of the Metro Phoenix DNA Roadmap in terms of content and direction.  [Note: To read the full article and list of steering committee members, click here.]

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