Valley students could be among biggest light-rail users

[Source: Arizona Republic] — Some of the biggest users of the light rail are expected to be students, and along the light-rail line there are more than 20 schools, from preschools through colleges.  Light rail played a role in Phoenix School of Law relocating to its central Phoenix location near the intersection of Indian School and Central Avenue.  Student and faculty members alike say they plan to take the rail.

Alicia Togno, the law school’s assistant dean for administration, says she will encourage students to take rail to take the stress out of commuting.  “It is a time to gear up or decompress depending on when you are traveling,” she said.  She plans to take it daily from her home in the Willo district.

Dan Johnson, 21, a first-year law student, is from Chicago and is used to taking the elevated train there.  He lives in Tempe and plans to ride his bike to the station at Apache Boulevard and McClintock Drive.  It takes him 35 minutes to drive and he considers that wasted time. Taking light rail might not save him any time, but on the train he’ll be able to read, he says. The law school is discussing subsidizing some of the costs and that would be a financial benefit, he said.  “It would be nice to say money on gas and wear and tear on my car,” he said.

Down the street, Central High School now pays for bus passes for students and will pay for light-rail passes. The stop is on Central across from the school.  Click here to view a Community Walk map on schools along metro Phoenix light rail

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