City’s “Shop Phoenix” invitation targeted to local businesses

[Source: City of Phoenix] — The Phoenix City Council approved a plan that will increase significantly the ability of the city of Phoenix to “Shop Phoenix” by increasing the number of Phoenix companies involved in the city bid process.  The city purchases a large quantity of goods and services and, while Phoenix firms win many of the bids, contracts also go to firms outside of Phoenix and outside of the state. 

“By buying more goods and services within Phoenix, local firms will be able to maintain and even increase jobs at their facilities while helping to build the Phoenix tax base,” said District 5 Councilman Claude Mattox.  “We plan to implement this program in the next 30 days and evaluate the results in June 2009, the end of the fiscal year.”  According to District 8 Councilman Michael Johnson, “By increasing our efforts to target local businesses, we will build stronger lines of communication, have more competitive bids and potentially increase the number of Phoenix businesses winning bids and proposals.”

The outreach program will be implemented in three areas, all formal procurements over $40,000, all procurements less than $40,000 and where the state contract supplier is a non-Phoenix business, the city will consider performing its own bid process to include Phoenix businesses.  The city will continue to purchase quality goods and services at the lowest price.

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