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Phoenix’s Roosevelt Row named one of nation’s “best secret neighborhoods”

[Source: Catrina Knoebl, Roosevelt Action Association] — Travel and Leisure Magazine recently picked Roosevelt Row as one of the best secret neighborhoods in the country.  And its signature Block Party is a can’t miss, with artists and vendors booths on Garfield Street between Fourth and Sixth streets.  Our own Phoenix New Times named it the Best Block Party.  

Roosevelt Row is home to visual and performing art spaces such as Modified arts, eye lounge, MADE Art Boutique, and Red Dog Gallery; iconic F&B hotspots Fate, Carly’s, Roosevelt Tavern, Portland’s and Lost Leaf; plus shopping destinations Spoken and Bunky Boutique.  Just to name a few.

And tonight, Friday, October 3, is First Friday.  Artlink’s art walk/ride spans several galleries and art spaces throughout the area, and most are open (at least) from 6 to 10 p.m. so there is plenty of time to check out some of the old and new, including those all in a Row.  If there was ever a day — night! — to explore your core, this is it.  Click here for more.

Wear these with pride Phoenix commuters! Oh, just wear them.

Commute>Work>Commute>Sleep is a line of clothing Jason Hill Design is producing with hoozdo magazine.  Printed in editions of 100, CWCS tees explore new ways of commenting on sustainability and American culture. Available in Phoenix at fine boutiques listed here or order them from anywhere online.

Has Phoenix finally arrived? Feel the love.

[Source: Robrt L. Pela, Phoenix New Times] — In Jason Hill’s Phoenix, the sun never sets.  His paintings of the city — a vibrant Valley National Bank framed by a glowing sky; a dazzling Financial Center with a jet jauntily speeding past — are thousand-watt, high-color beacons that send the same, simple, not-so-subliminal message: Phoenix is cool.  Come see for yourself.

Laura Spalding’s paintings are more roundabout celebrations of our town.  Onto old Arizona license plates and tin trays, she paints skies cluttered with telephone poles and electrical wires.  Her cityscapes are testimonies to how amazing it is that Phoenix sprang up in the desert in the first place; homages to how it survived to become a prosperous, distinctive destination.

Georganne Bryant’s message is less subtle.  Onto black, cotton T-shirts that she sells at her midtown boutique, she has had a local T-shirt artist silk-screen this legend: Love Phoenix or Leave Phoenix.

Something has shifted.  Hill and Spalding and Bryant and dozens of others like them are having a public love affair with Phoenix.  They’re opening cafes and launching Web sites and creating art that speaks of their pride in a city that most of us have gotten pretty good at mocking.  Many of these folks would have us believe — and, perhaps, want to believe themselves — that we, the country’s fifth-largest city, have finally arrived.  That Phoenix has at last, after decades of false starts and near misses, awakened from a slumber that lasted way too long.  [Note: To read the full article, click here.]

Come Census time, help ensure every Phoenix resident is counted

[Source: Marco A. López Jr., Director, Arizona Department of Commerce] — Now is the time to start preparing for the 2010 Census.  The Census Bureau is recruiting for partnership specialist staff in Arizona for the 2010 Census.  There are openings in both the Phoenix metro area as well as in Tucson.  Visit the following links for job descriptions (PDF format).

New Times staffers emote, “Why I live in Phoenix?”

Read up on what Phoenix New Times staffers have to say about living in Phoenix.  Listen to their “Love Phoenix or Leave Phoenix” podcasts.  And leave your own mash note to Phoenix.

Oct. 6 is Arizona’s deadline to register to vote for 2008 General Election

If you want your opinion to count in choosing our next U.S. President, Vice President, Members of Congress — along with a host of other state and local officials and ballot propositions — you only have a few days to register.  

The deadline to register to vote in Arizona for the November election is Midnight, Monday, October 6, 2008.  Click here for more information and how to’s or click on the “Rock the Vote” button on the right hand side of this site.

Give your street-smarts about your Phoenix street

StreetAdvisor - your street, your voiceStreetAdvisor is an easy way to find out what people really think about the street they live in.  It’s a place where people can finally voice their opinions about where they live, have lived, or simply visited.  Through detailed reviews and guidebooks (written by insiders that know best), combined with patent-pending scoring technologies, StreetAdvisor helps bridge the gap that exists about the relevant information at the street level, from neighborly attitudes to noise levels to traffic problems.  To view what Phoenix residents have to say about their streets, click here.

Phoenix Council Member Nowakowski holds public chat, Oct. 8

Phoenix City Council Member Michael Nowakowski invites residents to meet with him to discuss neighborhood crime prevention and parking as District 7 prepares to host the Arizona State Fair, which opens on Friday, October 10.  The meeting will start at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 8, at Encanto Club House, 2605 N. 15th Ave.  Representatives from the Phoenix Police Department will attend to answer questions.  For more information, call 602-262-7492.