In green ranking, Phoenix drops to #32

[Source: Ginger D. Richardson, Arizona Republic] — Ever wonder who gets to proudly bear the moniker “The Greenest City”?  Hint: It’s not Phoenix.  A new survey out Monday ranks the 50 largest U.S. municipalities based on their performance in 16 key eco-friendly categories, including the ability to maintain air quality, a solid drinking-water supply , and use of public transit and alternative fuels.  Portland came in first; Phoenix was No. 32, dropping 10 places from its ranking just two years ago.

Adding more insult to injury: Detroit has topped Phoenix as the more “sustainable” municipality, having jumped 12 places to claim the 31st spot.  The Motor City was lauded for its efforts to revitalize blighted land while Phoenix was knocked for its poor air quality and lack of plentiful water supply.  This is the first year the report measured each city’s water supply using data such as level of drought, population-growth rate and gallons of water consumed per person each day.  Those factors hurt Mesa, too, which saw its overall green-city ranking fall to No. 50 from No. 47 in 2006.

Still, SustainLane, which bills itself as the largest online community dedicated to healthful, sustainable living, did find some positive things to say about the Valley.  Phoenix, for example, won kudos for its reuse of wastewater, its soon-to-open light rail and its recent push to use more solar energy.  [Note: To read the full article, click here.]

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