Should Phoenix light rail hours extend to 1 a.m.?

Advocates for a vibrant, 24/7 downtown Phoenix hope to convince the Phoenix City Council to extend light rail closing hours from Midnight to 1 a.m.  The Council’s Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee will discuss this matter at their Thursday, September 18 meeting at City Hall, 12th Floor, 200 W. Washington St. (start time is 9 a.m.).  The public is invited to attend.

To view the full meeting agenda, click here.  To read the Downtown Voices Coalition position statement on the matter, click here.

2 thoughts on “Should Phoenix light rail hours extend to 1 a.m.?”

  1. Yes. Definitely. Not just for the people who work past midnight, but if it could keep drunk drivers off the roads it would be a god send. They should extend it to 3am. Many people who work at Chase Field, Dodge, downtown clubs/venues , etc. don’t finish til 1 or 2 AM. How many millions were spent on this project??? And for it to close up at midnight? Other cities will look at us a joke. If you can run it past midnight , the whole system will fail. Wake up !!! It’s bad enough the limited bus hours that metro Phoenix has, now this will be limited too? Maybe if gas rises above $5.00 then people will see the light. Send your feedback to everyone you can. Some serious changes need to happen before December 26th, 2008.

  2. I had some typos on the above comment (Sorry) Should be:

    If you CAN”T run it past midnight, the whole system could fail.


    Other cities will look at us as a joke. How many millions of dollars did this system cost? To stop at midnight is dumb. Not everyone works 7 to 3, 7 to 4, 9 to 5, etc. And let’s hope that even 10% of those that do will use the light rail. Our roads and freeways are ridiculously crowded.

    Even my nearby street Hardy (in Tempe) has gone from pretty mellow (in 1998) to constantly busy with people taking shortcuts on it. Take Priest or Mill already! Hardy is lined with residential homes who can barely get pulled out of their driveways safely.

    What is going to happen this winter when the snowbirds come as well as other winter visitors? Please use the light rail when it starts.
    Our air pollution is really bad, we are gonna be like LA if this doesn’t turn around. The light rail will make sense when we use it.
    Please keep using it, don’t make it seem like a short lived fad/trend. Again, tell your politicians and friends to support a system that works 24 hours or at least until 3 am. Thank You!

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