Phoenix Parks & Recreation Board to discuss citizen feedback, Sept. 11

Dining Hall, Steele Indian School Park, Phoenix

[Source: Phoenix Parks & Recreation Foundation] — On Thursday, September 11, 2008 the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department will present to the Parks and Recreation Board information collected from a series of public meetings and a summer-long online survey designed to allow residents to set priorities for park and preserve development and improvements over the coming years.  

These results, being presented to the public for the first time on September 11, are intended to assist Parks and Recreation Department staff in the development of a proposal and recommendations for consideration by the Parks and Recreation Board.  Ultimately, a final plan must be approved by the Phoenix City Council.

The City created this public involvement process in response to the overwhelming May 20 voter approval of the reauthorization of the Phoenix Parks and Preserve Initiative.  For the past nine years the Initiative, using a one-tenth of one cent sales tax, has raised more than $200 million to fund the construction and improvement of parks throughout the city and the addition of thousands of acres of desert land to the city’s preserve system.  In the May 20 vote, 83% of voters approved a 30-year extension of the program, which was set to expire next year.

The meeting is open to the public and will begin at 5 p.m. in the Phoenix City Council Chambers, 200 West Jefferson Street.  For more information, click here.

3 thoughts on “Phoenix Parks & Recreation Board to discuss citizen feedback, Sept. 11”

  1. I’ll bet the Citizens of Phoenix do not know that the City of Phoenix is diminishing the duties and roles of the Park Rangers that patrol and make our parks a safe place to recreate. These changes are being made against the wishes of the Rangers and will give abusers, users and criminals free reign in our Parks because Rangers will no longer have the ability to identify and detain this element unless we do something now.

  2. This is another terrible mistake the City of Phoenix Parks Depatment is making. Sarah Hensley has now accepted a position in Texas afetr totally messing up this fine department. Kathi Reichert the Natural Resource Divisions Deputy Director is pushing even stronger to make negative changes to the Park Ranger Program. I have been told she is changing the Ranger’s uniforms, their patrol vehicles and there hours of operation in an attempt to cut their enforcement abilities. Red and blue light bars are being removed and uniform insignia is being taken off of uniforms. She continues to be decietful in telling everyone that this for ranger safety. What she will not tell you is that she is trying to prevent having to give raises to these hard working people. She is also too ignorant to understand that she is putting them in great danger.

  3. I have revisited this site to find no other comments made on behalf of the City of Phoenix Park Rangers. I am very disappointed in the fellow hikers, bikers and horse back riders I share the parks with every day. I am an avid park and trails user. I usually hike at the Pima Canyon area of South Mountain Park but have been known to use the Squaw Peak (sorry, that’s how I know it) and Dreamy Draw areas. These men and women are hard working officers who get little respect for their efforts. They are expected to enforce city regulations and then be teachers of environmental education while maintaining park areas and trails. If you ever see a rescue on any given mountain in the valley, you will often see rangers in the T.V. screen side by side with Fire Department Personnel. You will only see them, but you will certainly not hear them mentioned on the six o’clock news. They are few. Only about fifty or so rangers are expected to patrol the many parks and preserve areas throughout the entire city. They do it. I watch them every day, and do you know what? They do it with smiles on their faces. They serve with pride and commitment. Proposition A promises to increase the numbers of these valuable public servants, but what you may not be aware of is the fact that Kathi Reichert-Deputy Director, Jim Burke-Assistant Director and Sarah Hensley-Director of the Parks Department are doing their level best to decrease the park ranger program. What a shame! This is the thanks these people get for the hard work they do every day and night. Worst yet, this is what the public gets for voting for “More…Better…Safer Parks and Preserves. Yes I was very disappointed to return to this site and not see any responses on behalf of the Park Ranger Team…I hope you all appreciate the terrible condition and lawlessness of these beautiful park areas once our wonderful,faithful, hard-working and commited Park Rangers are no longer here to do their jobs. These people need your help just as much as they have possibly helped you in your time of need. Make some noise people….lets keep our Park Rangers.

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