Boutique owner says “Love or Leave Phoenix” with bumper sticker

[Source: Arizona Republic] — Georganne Bryant, owner of Phoenix clothing boutique Frances, is making news with her new “Love Phoenix or Leave Phoenix” bumper sticker.  [The Republic] invited her to explain why she created it.

“Having a business at one of the busiest intersections in Phoenix and on the light-rail construction path, I have witnessed many positive changes during the ongoing revitalization of Central Avenue and downtown Phoenix since opening Frances in 2006.  But our location has also placed us in the eye of the storm as far as complaining and negative energy attached to the light-rail project.  My intention in creating the bumper sticker was not to be confrontational, but to get people’s attention.

If it said “I Love Phoenix” or some other mushy sentiment, it would not have attracted the notice and reaction it has.  The bumper sticker is a call to residents to look past the short-term pain and embrace the many good things that are happening in and around the core of the city.”  [Note: To read the full commentary, click here.]

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