Phoenix vintage warehouses slated for demolition as part of entertainment district

You call this sustainability?The Jackson Street Entertainment District LLC has filed a rezoning request (Z-07-78-08) and Minor General Plan Amendment (GPA-CC-1-08-8) for a 12-acre site at the southwest corner of 4th Street and Jackson in Phoenix’s historic Warehouse District.  The request would change the zoning from Warehouse Overlay, Downtown core, A-1 with two historic preservation properties to Planned Unit Development (PUD).  The requested Minor General Plan Amendment would change the designation from Industrial to Mixed-Use.  New construction heights in the district as part of the plan include 235′, 215′, and 160′ buildings.  It is believed that several vintage (historically-eligible) warehouses are slated for demolition.

To express your opinion:

  • Contact Susan Sargent with the City of Phoenix by e-mail or phone 602-262-4065.
  • Contact Larry Lazarus, the applicant’s representative, at 602-340-0900. 
  • Write to City of Phoenix Planning Department, 200 W. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ, 85003.
  • Attend a public meeting on Monday, September 8, 2008, 6 p.m., The Summit at Copper Square, Club 252, 23rd Floor, 310 S. 4th Street.

2 thoughts on “Phoenix vintage warehouses slated for demolition as part of entertainment district”

  1. I am confused by the picture of the wrecking ball. What buildings are they tearing down? I had heard that they were saving buildings in the District like OIC, etc. Can you be more specific about which historic buildings are slated fro demolition?

    I was at the Public Meeting Monday and it all looked pretty darn cool to me. Everyone else there also seemed to think that it was really cool too.

  2. The current Jackson Street Entertainment District PUD application proposes to preserve three historic buildings:

    * Gerardo’s Building, 421 S. 3rd St. (historically designated)
    * Arvizu’s El Fresnal Grocery Store, 310 E. Buchanan St. (historically designated)
    * Fuller Paint/Beacon Upholstery, 117 E. Jackson St. (eligible for historic designation)

    There are three additional warehouses (eligible for historic designation, but undesignated) which are included in the limits of the proposed project, but are proposed to be demolished:

    * Pioneer Fruit Co. Warehouse, 401 S. 3rd St. (lots 1, 3 and 5 on north half of block 11)
    * Coe Sales Co., 301-309 E. Buchanan St. (lots 1, 3, 5 and west half of 7 on north half of Block 12)
    * Graham Paper Company Warehouse, 521 S. 3rd St./310 E. Lincoln St. (lots 2, 4 and 6 on south half of Block 12)

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