Community colleges in/near downtown Phoenix seek higher enrollments

[Ron Sanzone, Arizona Republic] — Registration for classes at the Maricopa Community College District’s 10 colleges is well under way and may reverse a downward trend during the 2008-09 school year.  Since higher-education enrollment generally rises when the economy falters, college officials predict that the recent slowdown in the Valley’s economy may translate into more students on college campuses this year.  The district experienced a drop in enrollment of about 3% from spring 2007 to spring 2008.

A few classes begin on Aug. 23, but the majority of classes in the district start Aug. 25.  Students wishing to register online at any district college can do so by [clicking here] or they may register by calling any district college.  Those attending the district’s Phoenix colleges are in store for some changes this year.  Here’s a breakdown of what’s new at [the two colleges in the downtown Phoenix area]:

Phoenix College, 1202 W. Thomas Rd., 602-285-7777

  • Electronic courtroom at the college’s downtown location created by the legal studies program.
  • Webzine from the journalism department, as well as broadcasting and advertising on the campus radio station.
  • New 330-space covered parking lot on the southeastern corner of 15th Ave. and Catalina Dr.
  • Certificate programs in technical theatre (the technical aspects of stage production) and kitchen and bath (in the interior design program).
  • Student Success Center combining all previous learning centers into one.

Rio Salado, Phoenix and throughout the Valley, 480-517-8540

  • Certificate programs in e-learning design (placing training sessions online), bookkeeping, apartment management, and pharmacy technician.
  • Associate degrees in early childhood administration and management and early childhood education.
  • Online classes in sign language and second-year Chinese.
  • Workforce Development and Community Re-Entry program that offers courses and certificates to inmates needing skills to transition back to the community.

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