How to help ASU downtown Phoenix students, faculty, and staff know what’s downtown

[Source: Steve Weiss, Downtown Voices Coalition, and Kimber Lanning, Local First Arizona] — ASU Downtown’s Student Affairs Office and City of Phoenix are working with downtown businesses and non-profits to provide information about their organizations via 1,800 “Welcome Wagon” handout bags stuffed with fliers, maps, and coupons.  The bags will be provided to incoming ASU students at their new dorm, in faculty lounges, and other places where the ASU Downtown community can be contacted.  If your organization would like ASU Downtown students, faculty, and staff as patrons, and you have not been able to market to them, this is your chance.

There is NO CHARGE to the organization other than providing 1,800 copies of your materials and bringing them to the bag stuffing party.  Volunteers from each organization are required to help at the stuffing party.

Several of these organizations have multiple listing maps and brochures.  If you already participate with one of these groups you do not need to bring your own materials, but are welcome to do so individually.  Any materials that won’t fit in the bags will still be put out on a table at the new ASU dorm and faculty lounges.  To track the marketing, it is suggested that a coupon or student discount be offered e.g., “$1 off with student ID.”  You are not required to do this, but it may help to see if the effort was successful.  For more information, contact Steve Weiss at 602-265-9524 or via e-mail.

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