What you can do to protect affordable housing

Due to Arizona’s budget crisis, there is a proposal by the legislature to eliminate all HTF related programs for approximately the next year and a half (sweep $55 million).  The proposal would also cripple the Arizona Housing Finance Authority, which has been highly successful in assisting rural first time homebuyers and result in the significant reduction or elimination of these types of services:

  • Mortgage foreclosure & eviction prevention assistance will stop in a time of critical need.
    • homeownership and rental housing development/rehabilitation
    • homeless and domestic violence shelter development (6,000 families lose services)
    • down payment and closing cost assistance for first time homebuyers (500 families don’t get houses)
    • fair-housing education
  • Matching monies for federal housing programs administered by the state.
  • 3,600 jobs are lost with $91 million in wages lost and $18 million in state revenues.

The response by affordable housing advocates?  They are collecting spare, unusable, orphan house keys to deliver to the State Legislature by the end of February.  The goal is to collect 45,000 keys from around the state to illustrate the number of households that have been assisted in the last five years by the State of Arizona Housing Trust Fund.  The following agencies have agreed to be collection points for your keys:

  • LISC Phoenix office, 101 N. 1st Ave., #990, Phoenix, AZ 85003
  • Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness, 2700 N. 3rd St., #201, Phoenix, AZ 85004
  • UMOM New Day Centers, 3320 E. Van Buren St., Phoenix, AZ 85008
  • Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 301 E. Bethany Home, #C-194, Phoenix, AZ 85012
  • Community Housing Resources of Arizona, 4020 N. 20th St., #220, Phoenix, AZ 85016
  • Housing Our Communities, 251 W. Main, #2, Mesa, AZ 85201
  • CARE Partnership, 460-466 S. Bellview St., Mesa, AZ 85204
  • Community Alliance Against Family Abuse, 185 N. Apache Trail, #1, Apache Junction, AZ 85220
  • NewTown CDC, 511 W. University Drive #4, Tempe, AZ 85281

Questions, comments, or suggestions? Contact:

Teresa Brice, Executive Director
LISC Phoenix
101 N. First Ave., #990
Phoenix, AZ 85003

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