Daily Archives: February 6, 2008

Public invited to comment on Arts, Culture, and Small Business Overlay

For the past two years, an Artist’s Issues Task Force (under the auspices of the city’s Downtown Development Office) has worked to develop an Arts, Culture, and Small Business Overlay in and around downtown Phoenix.  The current proposal has gone through an extensive public review process and citizen comments and ideas have been incorporated. 

Additional public comment is welcome at upcoming meetings of the Central City Village Planning Committee, Planning Commission, and City Council.  For meeting days and times or if you have questions about the proposal, contact Michelle Dodds with the City of Phoenix at 602-256-5618.

Representing Downtown Voices Coalition on the task force have been Steve Weiss (Chair) and Beatrice Moore (Treasurer).  We’ve made available the following background materials: (1) staff report, (2) proposed boundaries, and (3) proposal language.  Click here to review and download.