Developer to renovate historic Luhrs sites

Luhrs Tower in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo by camerafiend.[Source: Jahna Berry, Arizona Republic] — An Irvine, Calif., developer will save the iconic Luhrs Building and Luhrs Tower, but the fate of other vintage buildings on the downtown Phoenix block is up in the air.  Hansji Urban inherited a 1992 agreement from the previous owner that gives the firm the right to tear down some structures, including parts of the oldest building on the block, the Luhrs Central Building on Central Avenue and Madison, which was constructed between 1913 and 1914, said Barbara Stocklin, Phoenix’s historic preservation officer.  The 1950s parking garage and the one-story 1920s arcade linking the Luhrs Tower and the Luhrs Building are also in question.

While many were relieved when they learned the Luhrs Tower and the Luhrs Building are to be restored, it’s been unclear what would happen to the rest of the structures on the block.  There have been several historic preservation fights in downtown Phoenix recently.  City officials and the developer are negotiating a plan for the area bound by Jefferson Street, Madison Street, Central Avenue, and First Avenue.  The plan could go before the city’s historic preservation commission as early as March 17, Stocklin said.  [Note: To read the full article, click here.]

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