Garfield concerned about 7th St. & Van Buren project

[Source: Kim Moody, Garfield Organization] – Because the Form Based Code has not yet been formally adopted by the Phoenix City Council, some developers are taking buildings to the sidewalk (literally).  Garfield, like other downtown neighborhoods, is again being hit with another project, this time at the northeast corner of 7th St. and Van Buren.

The developer of the six-story biomedical facility with a six-story parking structure, The Plaza Companies, is asking the City of Phoenix for ZERO set-back and proposes “dumping” their traffic onto Polk and 9th St.  Neighbors are concerned and upset traffic will come and go through residential streets.  Among the other variances requested is minimal landscaping (going against the City’s push for pedestrian-friendly, shade corridors).

A hearing on this matter will take place at 10 a.m., Feb. 5 in Hearing Room “C” at City Hall.  For more information, contact Dana Johnson with the Garfield Organization.  For more information about Form Based Codes, contact Dean Brennan with the City of Phoenix Planning Department

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