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Downtown Phoenix Journal recap (02/08/10)

[Source: Si Robins, Downtown Phoenix Journal] — When DPJ’s Phoenix Suns blogger and I paid a visit to US Airways Center last week to interview guard Goran Dragic, we didn’t know what to expect.  The guy is in his early 20s and from Slovenia, and before arriving in Phoenix via the NBA Draft a year-and-a-half ago, he spoke very little English.  So, we weren’t sure he’d be able to give the DPJ crowd much insight on what he likes about Phoenix culture.  We were right, in some respects.  Dragic, who lives in a condo overlooking Tempe Town Lake, really only ventures into Downtown Phoenix for practice and games.  He spends the rest of his time perusing the East Valley.  It brings up a question that we at DPJ ask ourselves a lot: How do we get people from over there to come over here?  When I take a look at the content we featured this past week on the site, there are plenty of reasons to spark a trip Downtown for those that live in outlying areas.  I compiled a list of unique Grand Avenue locales worth checking out on a First Friday.  There’s a growing Scrabble night at Urban Beans for those looking for a mellow, fun school night out of the house.  And there is a whole plethora of nightlife fun, including the massive martini list at FEZ.  These are just a select few.  Keep telling your friends and family to venture Downtown.  There is something for everyone, and there’s a whole lot of it.


CenPhoTV for the week of 02/05/2010

This week on cenpho tv, first friday, shipwrecks, city meetings, some naughty, pre-valentine’s day improv, and dave with all this week’s best live music.

Channel 12 could move to Republic’s downtown Phoenix building

[Source: Arizona Republic] — Gannett Co., Inc. parent company of The Arizona Republic and Channel 12, may move the television station into the Republic’s downtown Phoenix mid-rise.   Under the plan, the ground floor of the Republic’s offices at 200 E. Van Buren would be reconfigured so that visitors walking in downtown Phoenix would be able to see KPNX’s studios.

The plans are just preliminary, said John Zidich publisher of The Arizona Republic.  Gannett is working on a feasibility study to determine if the move makes financial and logistical sense, he said.  “We think there are great synergies for both of our platforms,” Zidich said.  “We also think that it could be a really exciting, new draw to downtown as we position the studios so that the outside world can see inside.”

Another reason the media company is probably considering the move: both the TV and newspaper staffs are smaller.  At its peak, KPNX had 190 employees, now there are 160, according to the general manager.  Layoffs and downsizing have also shrunk the newspaper’s staff.

Zidich didn’t specify how much The Arizona Republic’s staffing has changed at its Van Buren building, saying the possible move isn’t motivated by efficiency.  “The reason to do this is strategic,” Zidich said.  “Having available space makes it easier but is not a reason.”

The news involves two key pieces of downtown Phoenix real estate. KPNX occupies two buildings at 1101 N. Central Ave., a key intersection along the Central Avenue corridor.   “It’s attractive in the sense that it is on the northern border or downtown, directly on the light rail,” said John Misner, president and general manager of Channel 12.  “It’s next to the (Hance) park, it’s not too far away from ASU’s downtown campus. You have good access to the I-10.”  [Note: To read the full article, visit Channel 12 could move to Republic’s downtown Phoenix building.]

Downtown Phoenix Journal Recap (2/4/10)

[Source: Si Robins, Downtown Phoenix Journal] — Researching my ongoing blog series, From the Arizona Room, takes a solid chunk of time, but the payoff is twofold — I’m helping to educate neighbors and visitors alike about historic structures littered throughout Downtown’s landscape, and I’m gaining an unwavering appreciation for carefully conducted historic reuse projects.  It’s really baffling how many historic structures there are throughout the grid, though most could be given some TLC and a dab of nice landscaping out front.  I bring this up as DPJ debuts Lyle Plocher’s weekly Downtown real estate blog, City Dwelling.  Yes, Lyle is a real estate agent who lives, works, and plays Downtown.  But, he also has an undeniable knack for spotting and scouting properties all of our readers would be interested in. Whether it’s a modern high rise or a historic bungalow in Garfield, City Dwelling highlights some of the Valley’s truly unique architecture, and that’s something that is often overlooked.  As you journey about this week, I urge you to take a moment to appreciate some of the great structures in our city. They’re part of our character, they’re part of our skyline and they’re part of what makes our city great.

Downtown Phoenix Journal Weekly Recap (01-25-2010)

[Source: Si Robins, Downtown Phoenix Journal] — This past weekend, ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication was the hub of the first CenPhoCamp, an “unconference” aimed at uniting Valley residents with Central Phoenix businesses using this thing called the Internet.  Several of DPJ’s braintrust, writers, and photographers were scattered about the building, all hoping to learn how we as a community can be better.  It got me thinking about how DPJ spreads the word about what’s happening in Phoenix.  Earlier in the week, the Main Ingredient Ale House opened in the former Lisa G bungalow.  In the months leading up to the grand opening, the new owners were busy scribbling on their Facebook wall and posting construction updates. When the opening night rolled around, they had a packed house, and several people inside had never even visited Lisa G. That’s making a connection.  Also last week, the Insecure Critic gave some of his sincere praise for the roadways.  Silly as it seems to be discussing streets in Phoenix compared to the suburbs, it was the association he made that makes the city his own.  In sharing these seemingly insignificant observations, we can connect better as a community.  DPJ is here to help as a community resource, and the site is meant to link Downtown Phoenix residents and visitors alike to the people, places and happenings of the city.  Please let us know how we can better help serve our readers — these connections matter!

CenPhoTV for the week of 01-22-2010

This week on cenphotv, tough spots for the light rail, a new gallery on roosevelt, cenpho camp, a walkabout, and a great place to talk to your neighbors.

Downtown Phoenix Journal weekly recap

[Source: Si Robins, Downtown Phoenix Journal] — The beauty of our Downtown is that it’s always evolving.  There was no greater evidence of this than the grand reopening of an old favorite, Modified Arts, this past Friday.  Packed to the brim, beautifully touched up and deliciously catered, this opening weekend was a perfect reaffirmation that there is a great sense of community in the city core.   On the other side of Downtown Phoenix, another familiar gallery, .anti_space, is planning its own grand reopening later this year.  DPJ got a sneak peek at the expansive space, and it may just change the face of the Phoenix arts scene.  Speaking of changes, now is the perfect time to visit Grand Avenue on First or Third Friday, as the Insecure Critic claims it’s Downtown’s new hip spot.  And, if you haven’t made the move Downtown just yet, now is the right time.  There are plenty of bank-owned condos with soaring views of Downtown, but they won’t last for long.

CenPhoTV for the week of 01-14-2010

This week on CenPhoTV, your way into your own art collection, Hedwig live, a Downtown Voices Coalition Visioning Conference, an anti-Arpaio demonstration, independent film, fashion, and Get Your PHX.

Jan. 23 CenPhoCamp offers businesses sell­ing, marketing, communication 101

[Source: Yuri Artibise] — Cen­Pho­Camp is an uncon­fer­ence designed to bring small, local central Phoenix orga­ni­za­tions together with the cus­tomers they serve.  Unlike a typ­i­cal sem­i­nar, par­tic­i­pants are encour­aged to ask ques­tions, to leave ses­sions they don’t think are help­ful and even con­tribute to the learn­ing as they see fit.  Devel­oped as a series of tracks, each session (45 minutes of presentation; 15 minutes of questions and interaction) adheres to one of the fol­low­ing themes:

  • Begin­ner, where those new to mar­ket­ing can learn about basic approaches
  • Tech­nol­ogy, offer­ing instruc­tions on the lat­est web apps
  • Com­mu­nity, designed to help busi­nesses enable their cus­tomers to be their best adver­tis­ers
  • Roundtable discussions will take place concurrently with the other presentations

Cen­Pho­Camp, held free of charge, is being run by vol­un­teers only.  Rent for the downtown Phoenix facility is being paid by gen­er­ous ses­sion and room spon­sors (ses­sion spon­sor­ships still avail­able for $20).

Speak­ers include Designer Nina Miller of ASU; Inno­va­tors Derek Neigh­bors and Chris Con­rey of Gang­plank; Chan­nel 12 News Anchor Brahm Resnik; Free­lance jour­nal­ist Nick Mar­tin; Light Rail blog­gers Nick Bas­t­ian and Tony Arranaga; and Small Busi­ness Man­ager Bran­don Stout.  All of these pro­fes­sion­als will share solu­tions that have worked for them, instead of the­o­ries they’d like to see happen.

  • Date: Saturday, Jan­u­ary 23, 2010
  • Time: 1:30 to 8 p.m.
  • Place: ASU Walter Cronkite School of Journalism & Mass Communication, 555 N. Cen­tral Ave.  Use Park & Ride and Light Rail to Van Buren Station; parking adjacent to building.
  • Cost: Free (although organizers ask that par­tic­i­pants bring food or drink)
  • Registration: Online registration is open

CenPhoTV for the week of 01-08-2010

This week on cenphotv, a new vintage shop, a new modified arts, a new coffee shop, plus an exhibition showing of phoenix, some fats waller, meetings, films, george costanza, a GREAT chance to really become involved in downtown phoenix, and dave with the week’s best live music.