Downtown Phoenix Journal Weekly Recap (01-25-2010)

[Source: Si Robins, Downtown Phoenix Journal] — This past weekend, ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication was the hub of the first CenPhoCamp, an “unconference” aimed at uniting Valley residents with Central Phoenix businesses using this thing called the Internet.  Several of DPJ’s braintrust, writers, and photographers were scattered about the building, all hoping to learn how we as a community can be better.  It got me thinking about how DPJ spreads the word about what’s happening in Phoenix.  Earlier in the week, the Main Ingredient Ale House opened in the former Lisa G bungalow.  In the months leading up to the grand opening, the new owners were busy scribbling on their Facebook wall and posting construction updates. When the opening night rolled around, they had a packed house, and several people inside had never even visited Lisa G. That’s making a connection.  Also last week, the Insecure Critic gave some of his sincere praise for the roadways.  Silly as it seems to be discussing streets in Phoenix compared to the suburbs, it was the association he made that makes the city his own.  In sharing these seemingly insignificant observations, we can connect better as a community.  DPJ is here to help as a community resource, and the site is meant to link Downtown Phoenix residents and visitors alike to the people, places and happenings of the city.  Please let us know how we can better help serve our readers — these connections matter!

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