Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission Seeking Public Input

Arizona’s Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC) invites residents to participate in its first round of statewide public hearings through August 9, 2021. Information will be presented both in person and virtually about the redrawing of Arizona’s congressional and legislative districts. Public comment received during these meetings will be used by the IRC to help inform the drawing of new district boundaries. Commission Chair Erika Neuberg urges all Arizonans to attend one of these important hearings to ensure their voices will be heard.

Review the dates, times, and places (online and in person) to participate.

Over the next few months the Commission will be making decisions about Arizonans’ future voting districts. Voting districts determine what district a resident will vote in for representation in the United States Congress and the Arizona State Legislature. Redistricting is necessary as it takes into account any population changes from the last ten years and creates districts of equal population. 

Arizona voters passed Proposition 106 in the 2000 General Election, amending the Arizona Constitution to create a five-member commission to redraw congressional and legislative district boundaries based upon 2020 census data. The IRC is made up of two Democrats, two Republicans and an independent Chair elected by the other commissioners. The chair must not be a member of either party already represented on the Commission. Proposition 106 replaced the old process in which the State Legislature established the districts. 

One of the goals of the IRC public hearings is to solicit public input about communities of interest.  There are forms available at the public hearings, and or on the IRC website that can be used  to define an area that you feel should be considered a community of interest.

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