Give your feedback on proposed Valley Metro October service changes

Valley Metro is committed to providing riders with an effective regional transit system that supports Valley communities, businesses and residents. We are encouraging public input until June 5, 2020 on the following service changes. If approved, these changes will take effect on October 26, 2020.

  • Route 41—Indian School Rd: In Scottsdale, extend existing trips that turn around at 56th St. to match Phoenix service span expansion from 5 a.m. to midnight.
  • Route 62—Hardy Dr: Modify route for southbound trips to travel along Ash Ave. instead of Farmer Dr. to maintain consistency with northbound trips.
  • Route 108—Elliot Rd/48th St: Modify route to remove deviation along San Marcos Pl. to Chilton Dr. and Arizona Ave. Route will continue along Elliot Rd. for more efficient service.
  • Route 136—Gilbert Rd: In Chandler and Gilbert, extend evening service until 9 p.m. weekdays and Saturdays.
  • Peoria on the Go (POGO): Eliminate the existing Monday through Friday route; introduce five separate pilot routes to serve additional areas in Peoria on a Friday through Sunday schedule; modify paratransit services in Peoria. 
  • Tempe FLASH: Modify route to directly serve Lot 59 and additional ASU activity centers. Modify runtime frequency to every 10 minutes until 6 p.m., and then 15 minutes until end of service.
  • Tempe Orbit Earth: Modify route to travel along Rio Salado Pkwy & Rural Rd. to better serve activity areas at Rural Rd. & Playa del Norte Dr. Two bus stops at the Curry Rd. & Mill Ave. intersection will be eliminated for more efficient service.
  • Tempe ADA Paratransit service changes: In Tempe, modify certification requirements so all riders must be ADA-certified to be eligible for paratransit service; eliminate same-day Valley Metro paratransit service. For more information visit

For maps and more information on these routes visit

Give feedback!

There are several ways to particpate and give feedback between now and June 5. 

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