Daily Archives: January 9, 2020

It's the first Downtown Voices meeting of 2020. Join us on Sat., Jan. 11

Join us for the first Downtown Voices Coalition Steering Committee meeting of the new year on Saturday, January 11, 2020, 9:30-11:30 a.m. at Roosevelt Commons, 825 N. 6th Avenue. After our 15th year in business, we’re in planning mode!


  • Steering Committee Nomination for Katherine Coles
  • Review 2020 DVC priorities and Subcommittees (15 minutes)


  • Proposed Downtown Parking Study ~ Jeff Stapleton, City of Phoenix (10 minutes)
  • Downtown Phoenix Inc. Update ~ Devney Preuss, DPI (10 minutes)
  • Phoenix Community Alliance Update ~ Jon Brodsky, PCA (10 minutes)

DOWNTOWN 2020+ (70 minutes)

  • Review of the 2004 Downtown Strategic Plan ~ Knowledge Anchors, Downtown Living, Neighborhoods, Arts and Entertainment, Shopping, Great Places/Great Spaces, Connected Oasis, Access, Parking/Transit, Public Spaces, and Pedestrian Connectivity
  • Community Planning Discussion for 2020+ ~ Affordable Housing, Arts & Culture, Community Building, Design Guidelines, Environment, Historic Preservation, Locally Owned Businesses, Neighborhoods, Public Spaces, Visioning & Planning, Livability, Diversity & Cultural Inclusion, Transportation


Note: For downtown events and activities, visit Phoenix Urban Guide https://phoenixurbanguide.com/calendar/ and Downtown Phoenix Inc.’s Events Calendar http://dtphx.org/calendar/. For a list of community, neighborhood, and city hall meetings, visit DVC’s Downtown Phoenix Advocacy Calendar https://downtownvoices.org/calendar/