May 2013 Meeting Agenda

DVCblocksOur May 11, 2013, meeting is coming up very soon! We meet from 9:30am to 11:30am at the Roosevelt Commons Clubhouse, 825 N 6th Avenue in downtown Phoenix.

On our agenda: 

I. Call to Order and Introductions

II. Consent Agenda (for information only)

  • Treasurer’s Report – Louisa Stark

III. Community Updates / Guest Speakers

  • Roosevelt Streetscape and Upcoming Streets Projects – Ray Dovalina and others
  • Novawest presentation on “The Pin” observation deck – Jay Thorne and Eric Johnson

IV. Updates on DVC Action Items 2013 as needed

V. Old Business

  • DVC t-shirt design approval – Louise Roman / Steve Weiss / Will Bruder
  • Hance Park updates – Louise Roman / Tim Sprague / Edward Jensen

VI. New Business

  • New Subcommittee to look at Bylaws Amendments – Executive Committee
  • Adams Street design charrettes – open floor to those who attended
  • Valley of the Sunflowers parking lot – Tim Eigo et al

VII. Open Floor 2 minutes each, please!

VIII. Adjournment – A meeting of the Officers may follow.

Next Meeting: Saturday 8 June 2013, 9:30am, Roosevelt Commons Clubhouse


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