City of Phoenix 25th Annual Outstanding Young Man & Woman of the Year Awards

Do you know any outstanding young men or young women? Phoenix is seeking applications from exceptional high school students for the 25th Annual Outstanding Young Man and Young Woman of the Year Awards.

Students must be in grades nine through 12 and live in the city of Phoenix. Applications are available online at

Deadline to apply is February 9.

The program evaluates students on their leadership ability, community involvement and commitment to excellence. Applicants must write a personal statement describing their involvement in the Phoenix community, commitment to excellence and their future goals. Students also must identify a teacher who has had the greatest impact on their lives.

An exceptional young man and young woman will be selected to represent each of the eight City Council districts. All 16 district finalists will be recognized at an event in the spring and receive a $250 cash reward and a plaque commemorating their achievements.

Of the 16 finalists, one overall young man and woman will be awarded the honor of Phoenix Young Man/Young Woman of the Year and will each receive an additional $2,000.

For more information please contact the Neighborhood Services Department at 602-262-7344 or email

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