City of Phoenix seeks public comments on General Plan Update

[Sourc: City of Phoenix/PlanPHX]

The city of Phoenix has released the public hearing draft for the General Plan Update. This General Plan includes results of the community visioning process, and outlines a transition to a more comprehensive update which incorporates sustainability principles.  It also readopts the existing General Plan elements and the associated goals and policies in their entirety.

The Plan

The document may be viewed at the link below or by clicking on the image:

This General Plan is unique from previous plans in that it serves as a transition plan to a more sustainable future.  It establishes a community vision, assesses the current state, presents scenarios for alternative futures if no action is taken, and establishes a structure for transition strategies.

Due to the number of new concepts that are being introduced, this General Plan does not change existing goals and policies.  Rather, it demonstrates how the existing goals and policies support the community vision and identifies areas where new goals and policies need to be developed.

The existing goals and policies will be readopted as part of this General Plan, and then work will continue to further define the community vision statements, and develop appropriate goals and strategies to achieve them.


Comments may be sent to Carol Johnson, Planning Manager at the following: or

Phoenix Planning & Development Services Department
200 West Washington Street, 3rd Floor
Phoenix, AZ  85003

You may also call Carol at 602-261-8289.

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