Get Your Trick On in downtown Phoenix

As we mentioned previously, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays and we are always looking for fun ways of celebrating! We covered a selection of family fare yesterday.  This post contains events for the ‘kids at heart’ out there:

Friday, October 29

2nd Annual Zombie Walk

There are plenty of urban legends, like the one that suggests if there was no more room in hell, the dead would walk the Earth. Well, we’ve started an urban legend in the heart of the urban core and you’re invited to walk it in your best zombie get up, bandages and blood a plus.

Led by Arizona’s official Ghostbusters (including car, proton packs and more), Zombie walkers will parade, or walk straight legged, throughout downtown entertaining or terrorizing a few folks strolling around the Arizona Center, Hyatt Regency and U.S. Airway Center.

Details HERE.

Costume Concert at Ghost Lounge

Featuring Dry River Yacht Club, Fatigo, Strange Young Things, Costume Contest, and more.

Details HERE.

Saturday, October 30

Monster’s Ball at Alwun House

The Monster’s Ball features costumed revelry, prizes, art, music, dance and live stage performance. As you pass Shelob, you enter sealing your fete for live under worldly dance mix by hellishly hot DJ-MX. Ritualistic performances, savory edibles and spine chilling libations.

A full night of dark scintillating cabaret performances: introducing Merrill Leffmannas temptress chanteuse, SPELL with the conquest of Insanity, Romantasy vaudevillian tantalizations. Show climaxes with the she-devil burlesque troupe, Provocatease!

Find out more at

Sunday, October 31

The Halloween Monster Ride

Imagine skeletons, goblins, witches, devils and vampires (more Bela Lugosi than Twilight) all on bikes, riding through the streets of North Central. Where will you be?

The ride is slated for Sunday, October 31st. Yes, Hallow’s Eve will be the day of the ride. It is wise to travel in packs on Halloween to prevent a gang of Zombies from trying to eat you alive and anyone from attempting to bag snatch your candy.

All you need to do is pump up those tires, dust off the dirt from our last ride and pull out that last minute costume. Discussion over.

We realize this may be the day you want to take your kids out for treats…perfect, you’ll get twice the exercise. We know that football is going on as well…fantastic, you can watch at any of the venues. We have heard you have work early…awesome, looks like you’ll have to tell the boss you ate too much candy and had trick-or-treaters til midnight.

We will start at Gallagher’s and leave around 12:00.

Details HERE.

Freaky Tiki at Hula’s Modern Tiki

Get Your Freak On! Scare the heck out of us and your friends on the freakiest night of the year. Bones will kreek and grass skirts will catch the moonlight as Hula’s kicks off our their first Halloween party ever.

Details HERE.

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