New Coffee Shop in Uptown Phoenix

Chris Tingom, from Arizona Coffee posted on his blog that he recently heard from Nick Horten, a barista at Papa’s Coffee, which recently opened in uptown Phoenix:

Hi, I’m a Barista at a new coffee shop here in Phoenix. Papa’s Coffee just opened up last week, and we’re located at 5521 N. 7th Ave. We’re inside an Ice Cream shop called Mary Coyle’s, and a few of our drinks incorporate their ice cream into our coffee. We use Coopedota and Tres Generaciones coffee from Coasta Rica.

Our hours are 5-10 Monday – Friday and 6-10 Saturday and Sunday.

We’re still trying to fine tune everything, but within a few weeks we hope to start an Open Mic Night and an ASU night.

Papa’s Coffee
5521 N 7th Ave (map)
Phoenix, AZ 85013

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