Smell a rat? It could be from the downtown Phoenix Ramada Inn

[Source: Emily Gersema,’s PHX Beat]

They’re getting in tuition-free.

ASU officials have told students, faculty and staff to be on the lookout for rodents on the run from the nearby Ramada Inn near Third and Taylor streets that the city is tearing down for a new parking lot. Officials ask that all rodent sightings be reported to campus officials.

The memo sent Tuesday campus-wide says rats and mice are apparently fleeing the old Ramada Inn at Taylor and Third streets for a safer home elsewhere –and the ASU campus across the street could be their refuge.

“The city is addressing this issue at the site and we are working with pest management to control and eliminate this influx on and around campus,” wrote Cathie M. Fox, ASU director of facilities and property management.

Fox said rats have been seen at the Nursing and Health Innovation building northeast of the Ramada Inn, and at the University Center, west of the inn.

She offered these tips:

  1. Do not leave food out. All food should be stored and disposed of in sealed containers.
  2. Keep candies in sealed containers.
  3. Dispose of food in the large trash bins central to each floor, which are emptied by cleaning staff each evening.  Don’t throw it away at your desk bin, which could draw critters.
  4. Report leaks or pools of water inside of building.. Building engineers will take corrective action as necessary. And report any sightings or remnants of rodents to
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