Should We Save Downtown Phoenix’s Historic Knipe House?

The City of Phoenix Historic Preservation Commission will meet to discuss the fate of the city-owned and fire-damaged Leighton G. Knipe House along Roosevelt Row in downtown Phoenix. Commission members and staff of the Historic Preservation Office and Community & Economic Development Department (who control the site) will:

  1. Review the report findings and recommendations of local architect Bob Graham,
  2. Ask for public comment, and
  3. Discuss the feasibility and/or appropriateness of using Historic Preservation Bond funds (and other available funding) to make the needed repairs.

Fixing the fire damage, complete with new roof, is in the $100,000 range. Much more money is required to rehabilitate the structure (which would have had to be expended anyway). Options:

  1. Reconstruct the fire damage,
  2. Weather-tight the building,
  3. Hold on until the economy recovers and seek an adaptive reuse partner, or
  4. Demolish it due to cost.

Even before the recent fire (allegedly arson), the ca. 1909 Knipe House was listed on the Phoenix Historic Neighborhood Coalition‘s Most EnDangered Dozen Historic Places List. It can be rehabilitated and brought back to life to add vitality to Phoenix’s Roosevelt Arts District. Otherwise, it’ll be another empty lot.

Interested individuals are welcome to attend the meeting or submit comments and ideas in advance. To do the latter, contact Barbara Stocklin, Historic Preservation Officer, City of Phoenix, at 602-262-7468 or


Date: September 20
Time: 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Location: 125 W. Washington St.
Facebook: link

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