Kung Pao Radio Sundays at the Lost Leaf in downtown Phoenix

[Source: Nicole Smith, The New Times]

After a brief hiatus, Kung Pao Radio Sundays at The Lost Leaf are back and cooler than ever.

No, really. When we say cooler, we mean it in more ways than the night’s new resident DJ duo. You see, the downtown Phoenix hot spot has also added a new air conditioning unit, guaranteeing a cool climate for all the cool-kid debauchery that’s known to take place at the bar at 914 North 5th Street, and especially when Tricky-T and Bigie are in charge. The Jen Deveroux brainchild, which was in full effect for a minute beginning in late June, but then took a few weeks off to chill, is back. And, as always, you can listen to the Trickster and Bigie do their thing while slugging cans of PBR at two bucks a pop.


914 N. 5th St.; Phoenix AZ (map)

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