Downtown Phoenix Vendors suffering along with the Diamondbacks


It’s a one-two punch — the Diamondbacks‘ poor attendance and the down economy are causing baseball vendors’ livelihoods to suffer.

The Diamondbacks are in last place in their division, and are just not bringing in the fans that they used to. That’s hurting vendors in and around Chase Field, who rely on big crowds to stay afloat.

Jawhar Karim sells soda and cracker jacks outside Chase Field. He says he’s extended hours to try and make up the difference.

“We starting to see the effect of Diamondbacks season but were hanging in, trying to make the best of it,” says Karim.

Bonnie Little is a pedi-cab driver. She says fewer fans means fewer rides around downtown Phoenix. She survives on tips.

“Fewer rides. Just getting people on the bike is difficult. Doing a lot of free rides and hoping they’ll tip us for bringing them down,” says Little.

Just last month, the Diamondbacks set an all-time franchise record low for attendance, with only 15,509 people showed up for the game. Downtown vendors are hoping things will turn around soon.

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