The Best Bathrooms in Downtown Phoenix

[Source: Dustin Volz (Guest Author), State Press Magazine]

As downtown Phoenix attempts to rebrand itself as a big-time city, restaurants are looking for creative ways to stand out from the growing crowd of hip places to eat. Many are turning to their restrooms to accomplish their rise to the top of trendy lists.

Photo by Diana Martinez, SPM


Hanny’s became a popping nighttime spot in the heart of downtown restaurant last year with its lavish bar and Mediterranean offerings. Its restrooms are hidden behind a row of booths on the second floor mezzanine and down a narrow, mirrored hallway.

If someone didn’t point you in the right direction, you’d never guess that a series of unmarked, handle-free white doors lead to private restrooms. With soap dispensed from generic ketchup bottles and eco-friendly flushing measures, Hanny’s restrooms are worth a visit.

If you go: 40 N. 1st St. 602-252-2285,

Delux Burger

In between baskets of Delux’s signature sweet potato fries, don’t forget to check out the restroom at this urban bar and burger joint. The dark hallway leading to the restrooms is lined by a wall of Delux-brand toilet paper, and the communal sink area is lit by small candles. The sophisticated atmosphere makes a visit to the restrooms a worthwhile trip during dinner.

If you go: 3146 E. Camelback Road. 602-522-2288,‎

Local Breeze Patio Café

Located in an inviting old house formerly home to the restaurant Palatte, Local Breeze brings neighborhood charm onto the otherwise mundane downtown Phoenix streets with brunch-time pizzas and salads. Its small, one-person restroom sports a collage of knick-knacks on the walls and stickers on the ceiling, but the toilet is sectioned off by crumpled pieces of rusted iron that look borrowed from the front gates of an industrial factory. Swing open the metal door and take a peek.

If you go: 606 N. Fourth Ave. 602-368-3613,

Gallo Blanco Café & Bar

Kick off your visit to Gallo Blanco with a trip to the restroom, but beware the lipstick; Gallo Blanco urinals resemble the pursed mouth of Scarlett Johansson.

Located in the bustling Clarendon Hotel, Gallo Blanco serves Mexican cuisine better than most, and its atmosphere is funky and upbeat. Likewise, the restroom urinals are wonk, providing an open mouth lined by blood red, luscious lips that would make even Angelina Jolie jealous. Pucker up!

If you go: 401 W. Clarendon Ave. 602-327-0880,

This post was written by SPM guest author, Dustin Volz. Contact the reporter at

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One thought on “The Best Bathrooms in Downtown Phoenix”

  1. Delux? Thats REALLY stretching the definitions of “Downtown”. At least Gallo Blanco is in Central Phoenix though not really Downtown. We really need to do a better job pounding it into the general Phoenicians mind about where is and isn’t Downtown, ah well.

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