City of Phoenix Building Department seeks to enhance services, programs to promote development

[Source: City of Phoenix] — Recommendations from the City of Phoenix Development Services Ad Hoc Task Force have been approved by the Mayor and City Council to enhance services and expand programs to promote development during this down economy.  “We are reaching out our hands to small business owners and developers,” said Mayor Phil Gordon.  “Our goal is to make development processes in Phoenix the most customer friendly in the country.”

Action items include:

  • Code changes to make it easier for developers to complete stalled projects;
  • A self-certification program for building plan review;
  • Expanding the Adaptive Reuse Program, created to streamline the process of modifying older buildings for new business uses, to include buildings up to 100,000 square feet and “big box” retail spaces;
  • Adopt a 24-point action plan to improve consistency among inspectors; and
  • The creation of a development coordination committee made up of executives from all departments involved in development.

“This represents our commitment to continue improving and simplifying the development process while ensuring the safety of all construction,” said Mark Leonard, director, Development Services Department.

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