Downtown Phoenix Journal weekly recap

[Source: Si Robins, Downtown Phoenix Journal] — Ah, the holidays.  Here at DPJ, we’ve featured a number of exciting December events, as well as some interesting things popping up around Downtown Phoenix.  On First Friday, we battled the crowds and explored the opening of the Arizona Latino Arts & Cultural Center and took in a play chronicling Sheriff Joe’s afterlife.  Throughout the month we highlighted a number of development topics: the growth of the corner of 7th Avenue and McDowell, the city’s Adaptive Reuse Program, and the upstart eco-friendly builders at Upcycle Living.  DPJ also shared the important initiatives happening with Valley Forward and the Phoenix Community Alliance.  And, just in time for the holidays, we ventured to Melrose to take in some of the more unique boutiques on this funky stretch of 7th Avenue.

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