Phoenix among modern day ghost towns of abandoned real estate

Abandoned House, Baseline Ave by richard.leaf.[Source: Jason Lankow,] — Arizona ranks 48th in New Job Creation.  Developers spread to the west to Phoenix and as far out as Buckeye and foreclosures are currently at a record high, which has resulted in plummeting housing prices.  This is a hard pill to swallow for many recent first-time buyers, who are witnessing a sharp increase in their monthly mortgage payments, against the background of a house with a drastically decreasing value.

Of the 6,150 houses sold in the Phoenix metropolitan area in September 2008, an astounding 78% of these were vacant when sold. There are currently 55,000 homes for sale in Phoenix, of which 40% have been abandoned and are presently vacant.  Most of these are currently bank-owned properties and are being sold at liquidated prices.  According to area investor and resident, Donna Butera, this massive departure and house abandonment in Phoenix has had other implications in the community.

Understandably, home owners are deciding to walk from their mortgages if the home they just agreed to buy for $350,000 is now only worth $270,000. As a result of the frustration, homeowners are removing everything they can from the homes before they abandon them, selling appliances, cupboards and virtually everything else, including the kitchen sink.  As a result, it is not unusual to drive down a street in what was once a nicer suburban neighborhood in Phoenix and now see a majority of windowless abandoned homes.  [Note: To read the full article, click here.]

One thought on “Phoenix among modern day ghost towns of abandoned real estate”

  1. I think if your home has dropped $80K, as in your example, you can count yourself as fortunate. I am in a stable Chandler neighborhood, and am down $110K since we bought in Oct 2006. That’s 29%, and is fairly representative of this side of town.

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