Along Phoenix light rail, IHOP is a place and a thing you do

[Source: “Lack of rail restrooms stirs anger,” Jim Walsh, Arizona Republic]

You might want to think twice about that extra cup of coffee before jumping on the Metro light rail, especially in Mesa or central Phoenix.  While in many respects the new Metro line gets glowing reviews from riders, it gets a big thumbs down from people who experience the inevitable call of nature at the wrong time.  Metro decided not to build public restrooms at stations for fear of attracting vandalism and other crime.  In addition, the agency did not want the expense of building and maintaining the restrooms, said Hillary Foose, a Metro spokeswoman.

It’s not such a big deal in downtown Phoenix, where there are plenty of nearby restaurants, hotels, and government buildings to choose from in an emergency.  But some riders at either end of the 20-mile line are feeling inconvenienced at the lack of facilities at both Mesa’s Sycamore/Main station and central Phoenix’s Montebello/19th Avenue station.  Those passengers have been making a beeline to a JB’s restaurant at Christown Spectrum Mall in Phoenix and to an IHOP in Mesa, only to be met by signs indicating the restrooms are for customers only.  “We were madder than hell,” said Donna Love of Prescott, who recently checked out the light rail with her two sisters.  “When we got off, most of the businesses had signs on the door saying, ‘customers only.'” [Note: To read the full article (wherever you’re sitting), click here.]

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