Phoenix Elementary District #1 sees new use for Phoenix Preparatory facility

[Source: Sara Bresnahan, representing Phoenix Elementary District #1] — At the Phoenix Elementary District Governing Board Meeting on January 22, 2008, the Governing Board voted to hold a public hearing to consider closure of the Phoenix Preparatory Academy, 735 E. Fillmore St.  The hearing will be held at the school on March 26, 2009 at 6 p.m. 

Although the word “closure” is used because it is required by Arizona law, it does not mean the facility will be closed and not used as a school for the students of Phoenix.  The Governing Board’s intent is to open the school in August 2009 in partnership with University Public Schools Initiative (an affiliate of Arizona State University) as a pre-kindergarten through grade eight, nine, or twelve school.  The details of the partnership are in the development stage.  And, the school will continue as Phoenix Preparatory Academy until the end of this school year.  There will also be additional meetings for students, staff, and parents to discuss the future school.

The District Governing Board and Administration have been in the process of reviewing several options for the Phoenix Preparatory Academy over the past six months as part of the District’s Strategic Plan to move to pre-kindergarten through grade eight schools.  So, while keeping the students of our district at the center of the decision-making, the District analyzed, discussed, and debated the following:

  1. The financials of each of the four options under consideration
  2. The surveys and feedback from the staff
  3. The survey and feedback from the parents
  4. The viability of each option under consideration
  5. The curricular and instructional advantages of each option
  6. The “transformational power” of each option

The preliminary conclusion is that the best recommendation is to implement a University Public School in either a P/K-8/9 or 12 format.  It delivers a financial advantage, the opportunity to implement numerous instructional enhancements quickly, and enables the entire district to learn and grow from the collaboration and professional development.  We believe it is the best solution for the students in our district and will gain the most support.

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