Metro Phoenix residents remain split over cost, effects of light rail

Light rail in downtown Phoenix (Nick Oza, Arizona Republic)

[Source: Glen Creno, Arizona Republic] — The Valley’s about-to-open light-rail system has people taking sides.  Some complain that the $1.4 billion Metro light rail is a waste of money.  Others are practically counting the days until the Dec. 27 launch.  Those who get riled say the money would be better spent on freeways.  Others say it will deliver crime along with passengers.   Enthusiastic backers say it’s a missing piece of a transportation system too dependent on driving.  It will attack congestion as people ride rather than drive to work, school, or entertainment spots. 

Put Robert Munoz of Mesa in the split-opinion category.  He lives near the end of the line and has some worries that the system will transport criminals to his neighborhood.  But he also likes the idea of walking to a train and riding to Chase Field.  “If my son and I get a couple of tickets, we can hit the Diamondbacks game,” Munoz said.  “We don’t have to worry about driving, traffic or parking.”  [Note: To read the full article, click here.]

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