Phoenix bus system keeps moving but software bugs linger

[Source: Todd R. Weiss, Computerworld] — Almost a year after deploying new computerized fare collection boxes in about 800 regional transit buses around Phoenix, the city’s Public Transit Department is still working to eliminate lingering software bugs that plague the system.  Jeff Dolfini, the city’s deputy transit director, said the problems began last December when the new system went live.   The problems centered around several software issues, including one module that controls a sensor that “reads” paper money to be sure it is authentic and to determine its value.

The machines were rejecting a large number of paper bills, leading to delays and uncollected fares.  Other software problems were making it difficult for the fareboxes to issue day passes for bus riders, as well as related transactions, Dolfini said.  [Note: To read the full article, click here.  For related Arizona Republic article, click here.]

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