SRP to help its customers recycle old appliances

Salt River Project is encouraging customers to take that spare refrigerator or stand-alone freezer and recycle it.  The Appliance Recycling Program is available on first-come, first-served initiative and is aimed at older, working appliances.  SRP will provide free pickup of the extra refrigerators or freezers, and then pay customers to recycle the units by mailing a check for $30 per qualifying appliance after they are picked up.  It’s goal is to decrease energy load, pointing in particular to people with refrigerators and freezers in hot garages.  

“Thirteen percent of SRP customers have two or more refrigerators and nearly 23 percent of homes have one or more stand-alone freezers, often in a hot garage,” said Debbie Kimberly, SRP’s manager of energy efficiency and policy analysis.  “Electricity for that second or third refrigerator or freezer may cost up to $100 dollars a year.”  Kimberly said about 95% of each refrigerator will be recycled through the SRP Appliance Recycling Program, including metals, plastics, glass, polyurethane foam insulation, oil, and refrigerant.  Recycling just one appliance will keep reusable items out of landfills and reduce carbon dioxide by up to 10 tons, or about the same emission reductions as parking two family cars for a year.  For more information, click here.

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