Tourism officials bring musicians together to promote Arizona

[Source: Larry Rodgers, Arizona Republic] — The Arizona Office of Tourism has aired scores of slick print and video ads promoting the state, but marketers are turning to a music video and Web-based social-networking sites to reach a new group of potential visitors.  Their new tool, the Arizona Music Project, is being launched this weekend.

The project is the culmination of a statewide call to musicians early last year via such Web sites as MySpace and Craigslist.  Nineteen players were selected to record a six-minute theme, which moves from jazz to Latin to classical to country, accompanying a video showcasing the state’s scenery and lifestyle.  It’s a vibrant combination of music and images that took seven months to assemble using musicians from around the state.

Arizona has created a presence on and posted a video for an edited version of the song on YouTube in an effort to reach potential visitors who frequent such sites.  The song also will be used in TV and radio ads.  “We know that music is becoming a more important part of the Arizona scene, and we want to showcase music as a part of the culture and diversity of Arizona to our visitor audience,” said Margie Emmermann, state tourism director.  “This is the first project that enters us into the social (networking) media aspect of our advertising.  It has launched us with new audiences.”  [Note: To read the full article, click here.]

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