Small Wonders map pinpoints Phoenix boutiques

Local First Arizona's Small Wonders Brochure

[Source: Dolores Tropiano, Arizona Republic] — Phoenix is bustling with new and unusual boutiques and businesses.  There’s only one problem — finding them.  Now, nearly 70 independently owned stores and restaurants in central Phoenix and the downtown area have banded together to create a map of their cool, hip, and urban businesses.  The fold-up guide, coined “Small Wonders,” has been distributed to 25,000 people, with 50,000 guides still available at any of the local shops, a list of which can be located here.  The map is not necessarily a new concept, but it is a fresh idea for Phoenix. “A lot of big cities have pocket guides of unique businesses,” said Georganne Bryant, owner of Frances, a clothing, gift, and accessories shop highlighted in “Small Wonders.”

The map features photos and location information for all of the shops and restaurants.  There are no service companies advertised.  A lot of the stores are clustered along Seventh Avenue, Seventh Street, or along or near Camelback Road. But the map features shops and restaurants from Buckeye Road to Missouri Avenue.  Many of the shops and restaurants are award-winning Valley favorites and some are new on the scene.  Most are located in funky, old bungalows and buildings.  “This is not mall shopping,” said Bryant, whose shop features letter presses, cards, vintage clothing, and jewelry, and custom journals.  “These are unique places that people want.  They don’t come to Phoenix to go to Applebee’s or a mall.  People want to see what creative, different stores are around.”

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