Bevy of Phoenix park-managed historic sites in severe condition

According to the City of Phoenix Historic Preservation Office, the city’s Parks and Recreation Department has a number of facilities listed on the Phoenix Historic Property Register.  Those highlighted in orange are landmark properties of exceptional significance.  Those highlighted in red are parks with historic properties having the most severe condition issues.

Staff in both departments have said they plan to meet regularly to discuss the status of ongoing projects.  Both departments plan to track their joint City of Phoenix bond projects together during the next five year bond cycle and will continue to explore federal, state, non-profit, and private sector funding sources to leverage city funding for historic projects.

How can you help?  Attend one of the public meetings to be set up in June and July by Parks and Recreation to garner feedback and ideas (now that the Phoenix Parks & Preserve Initiative passed handily by voters).  Also, learn more about the Phoenix Parks and Conservation Foundation, a recognized non-profit, tax-exempt organization that raises funds to help renovate existing parks and acquire new parks and preserves. 

Historic Property Register Sites in Parks

Key Dates

American Legion Post 41 (adobe structure)

1948 (CD)

Coronado Park (park buildings)

1936-1939 (PS)

Eastlake Park (amphitheater & pump house)

1890-1956 (PS)

Encanto Park

1935-1956 (PS)

Papago Park

1932-1946 (PS)

Sachs-Webster Farmstead

ca. 1909 (CD)

South Mountain Park & Preserve

1933-1942 (PS)

Verde Park Pumphouse

1938 (CD)

Carnegie Library and Park

1908 (CD)

Heritage Square/Rosson House

1895-1920 (PS)

Phoenix Indian School

1891-1931 (PS)

Pioneer Cemetery/Smurthwaite House

1880-1914 (PS)

Pueblo Grande Museum & Archeological Park

AD 500-1941 (PS)

Tovrea Castle & Carraro Cactus Garden

1928-1930 (CD)

Arizona Museum

1927 (CD)

Duppa-Montgomery Adobe

ca. 1895 (CD)

Grant Park

1934 (CD)

Harmon Park

1927 (CD)

Matthew Henson Public Housing Project

1940-1941 (PS)

N. Central Streetscape/Murphy Bridle Path

1895-1951 (PS)

Norton House

1912-1913 (CD)

Rancho Ko-Mat-Ke/Circle K Park

ca. 1935 (CD)

University Park Bath House & Pumphouse

1934, 1936 (CD)

CD = Construction Date; PS = Period of Significance.

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