Many Phoenicians wonder when Cox “On Demand” actually comes

Hello?  Digital Max?  When will I receive Cox "On Demand?"  Max?  Max?On May 20, 2008, Cox Communications announced that its digital cable customers in Arizona; Roanoke, VA; Kansas; and Middle Georgia will soon have on demand access to hits from ABC and NBC with the addition of MyPrimetime to Cox’s “On Demand” library.  Yet many Cox cable customers in downtown and midtown Phoenix wonder when they’ll ever get “On Demand.”

One local blogger has seen “Coming Soon!” commercials for “On Demand” since September 2007.  An entire online discussion forum has been set up to ask the same question, “When exactly is ‘Coming Soon!’ going to end?”

2 thoughts on “Many Phoenicians wonder when Cox “On Demand” actually comes”

  1. My parents already have “Cox On Demand” in Fountain Hills, so hopefully it is crawling its way to the rest of the valley. Also, my neighbor here in downtown Phoenix is also my “Cox Representative,” and she has had the service for a couple months for testing. I asked her about the release date, and she said, “Very soon.” We’ll see.

  2. It finally came and I’m not impressed. The menu is confusing, the program titles abbreviated, and the search function clumsy.

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