Idea of the Day: Intersection Repair

From time to time, we’ll throw out an “Idea of the Day” culled from sources here in Arizona and elsewhere.  The following idea was passed along by Jo Marie McDonald with the Phoenix Community Alliance.  It’s called Intersection Repair, and here’s what it’s all about:

City Repair street painting, Portland, OREver dreamed of making the streets outside your abode more livable, pedestrian-friendly, and community-oriented?  City Repair in Portland, Oregon hosts an annual Village Building Convergence where hundreds of people come together to build diverse projects for the benefit of their communites and to take back their streets via a process known as the Intersection Repair.  This involves painting streets with a high-visiblity mural that creates a public square for residents to gather and one which gently encourages drivers to slow down when approaching these spaces.  Over time the neighbors further enhance the transformation by adding amenities like benches, community bulletin boards, and introducing gardens & art.

If you have an idea for an “Idea of the Day” for our community to consider, please pass it along!

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