Things you can do to support Phoenix arts & culture

[Source: Maricopa Partnership for Arts and Culture] — Every member of our community deserves to have opportunities to discover and enjoy a diversity of arts and culture offerings.  Access to the arts for individuals and families depends on community support and action.  Fortunately, there is a great deal you can do to help, and most of it is fun!  Here are some ideas of how to get involved and help keep arts and culture a vital piece of our quality of life.

  • Attend an event – visit to find the surprising variety of offerings available every week in the region.
  • Take a child to a museum, the zoo, or a live performance for kids.
  • Encourage your employees to attend and support arts and culture organizations and events.
  • Advocate for arts education experiences for young people.
  • Advocate to your peers nationwide that Greater Phoenix is emerging as a worldclass, 21st Century region.
  • Integrate arts and culture support in your company’s business plan.
  • Sign up for the MPAC eNewsletter to stay informed on MPAC’s activities.
  • Use your influence to ensure that your elected officials understand the critical business case for a vibrant and sustainable arts and culture community.
  • Sign up at Arizona Citizens for the Arts for information and updates on legislation that impacts the arts and cultural sector.
  • Support efforts to secure funding for the region’s non-profit arts and culture organizations.
  • Speak up for arts and culture as a vital piece of our economic prosperity and infrastructure.
  • Share your thoughts and ideas at

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