Corporation Commission candidate debates scheduled

What is the Arizona Corporation Commission?  Why should I care who gets elected?  The cost of electric and natural gas!  Broadband deployment to rural communities!  Renewable energy!  Integrity of the pipelines that carry gasoline across the state!  Arizona’s investment in utility infrastructure!  These are among the issues to be debated at the July 15 Primary and September 15, 2008 General Election debates for candidates for the Arizona Corporation Commission.  The debates will be held live at Rio Salado College in Tempe, presented by the Arizona Telecommunications and Information Council (ATIC), with support provided by the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission. 

Why should you attend?  The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) is an independent regulatory authority created by the Arizona Constitution.  This powerful body, often described as a Fourth Branch of Government, makes decisions that have an enormous impact on Arizona’s future and the finances, safety, and quality of life of all citizens, businesses, and organizations in Arizona.  This year you will vote for three of the five Commissioners.

The Commission sets the rates you pay for public utilities including telecommunications, water, electric, and natural gas services.  Commission policies also determine the quality of these services and future utility infrastructure investments, including solar and other alternative energy sources.  In addition to utilities regulation, the debates will also cover the other services under the jurisdiction of the Commission including Corporations and Securities Oversight, and Railroad and Pipeline Safety.

How You Can Participate.  Live at Rio Salado College in Tempe, Webcast, Cable TV, and/or Online Forum.  Participation is free, however, registration for the live event and webcast is requested.  Click here for complete details.

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