Goodyear plans park-and-ride to downtown Phoenix

[Source: Eric Graf, Arizona Republic] — Goodyear is planning a $4.7 million park-and-ride transit facility aimed at connecting residents with downtown Phoenix.  Nearly $3.8 million of the cost would be covered by federal funds, said Goodyear traffic engineer Luke Albert.  The city would pay for the remaining $940,000. The prospective location is on the northwestern corner of Interstate 10 and Dysart Road, which is a flood-control basin that would need to be filled in, Albert said.

The Goodyear City Council recently directed staff to draft an agreement with Phoenix to push the facility planning forward.  The accord is needed to give Goodyear access to federal funds, which are provided to Phoenix.  Albert anticipates the design phase of the project would be completed this year. After that, it will take another year to build the park-and-ride facility.  A 2007 survey conducted by the city found that about 70 percent of Goodyear residents commute outside the city and more than half travel more than 21 miles to work.  Given the figures, Albert said, a park-and-ride facility has multiple benefits: “It will provide an alternate mode of transportation to downtown Phoenix.  There aren’t any other real options besides taking a car, so this will help lighten traffic on the freeway, and less traffic means lower emissions.”

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